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MScreen: An Integrated Compound Management and High Throughput Screening Data Storage and Analysis System


Welcome to the MScreen online portal - a site dedicated to offering tools that use the MScreen database. MScreen is an open source High Throughput Screening (HTS) data storage and analysis system that has been developed at the Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG), a core facility at the University of Michigan. MScreen processes HTS data through a web-based interface to help screeners visualize their data and simplify the hit-to-lead decision process.

Currently, MScreen is available free of charge to the academic and non-profit community through the University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer. MScreen is also offered as a hosted service model - MSITES - a completely segregated and customizable instance of MScreen without any computing overheads

You can learn more about MScreen by signing up for a trial account or explore other resources such as searching the CCG diversity collection and more.